Western Wall Tunnel
Old Jerusalem Israel

When visiting the Kotel in Jerusalem, please visit the Western Wall Tunnel. Walking through these Tunnels, in Hebrew “Minharot Hakotel” is an unforgettable experience through time bringing back the glory of Jerusalem’s passed throughout the generations.

The Tunnel under the Kotel in Jerusalem an Amazing Experience

Spectacular underground structures revealed

For hundreds of years the tunnels were hidden under the walls. Remember that the area was for many years outside the control of Israel and the Jewish World.

Everything changed after the Six day War, when Jerusalem was liberated from the hands of the Jordanians. The Israeli government started clearing the area of what today is the Kotel esplanade and started the huge project of exposing the contents below the great walls.

We revealed spectacular underground structures like rooms and public halls, a section of a Second Temple road, a Hasmonean water tunnel, a pool, and the entire length of the Western Wall, 488 meters in length.

Tours of the tunnels are taken only with guides and must be scheduled in advance. The tours are available in Hebrew and English and last about one hour and a half each. It is recommended for everybody in the family.

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Diagram of the Kotel and its Tunnels


It took almost twenty years of hard work for this project. They unearthed my archaeological sites described by experts as remarkable. These findings reveal most of the story and geography of the Temple Mount Jerusalem.

The excavations were carried with extreme caution and under constant rabbinic and scientific supervision. Eventually a Jerusalem of 2,000 years ago was rediscovered.

Because the political situation and other religious shrines in the area it was done with utmost care due to the sensibility of this sacred place. This was not just another archaeological dig.

The engineering problems were many, such as trying not to damage the stability of the existing Western Wall stones and of the houses built on top.  They eventually found great treasures dating to the era when the temple stood there beside many post eras like the Hasmonean period, Muslim era and more.

The opening of the Kotel Tunnels to the general public required unique engineering techniques to secure the safety of the future visitors like walking paths, lighting, air conditioning and assuring the access to visitors with disabilities. The work is far from completed. Much more is still hidden from us at this moment.

Opening Hours of the Western Wall Tunnel

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8:00am to evening
  • Friday and holiday eves: 8:00am -12:30pm
  • Closed on Saturday (Sabbath) and Holidays

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