Red Sea Diving
An Awesome Experience

To engage in Red Sea Diving while in Israel you just have to go down to Eilat Israel, the southernmost city of the country, on the shores of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea links Israel to the Indian Ocean and beyond to East Africa and the Orient. Many times during history this “exit” has been denied to Israel and we had to fight to recover our rights. The last example was on the Six Day War.

Eilat is the Israel Riviera on the south of the country

Israel – Egypt – Jordan – Saudi Arabia in one meeting point

When you are in Eilat you can see in one view four countries; Israel, Egypt on the west and Jordan and Saudi Arabia on the east. The views are awesome with red mountains changing colors as the sun moves through the sky during different times of the day.

Eilat and the Red Sea are located on the Syria-African rift that runs from the northern country all the way to Africa. You see mountains, as high as 2,500 meters, on both sides and a deep sea in the middle. The Red Sea is 23 Km wide on its widest point and 1800 meters deep on its deepest point. When visiting Eilat you’ll notice that once you get into the water and walk a few steps you won’t be able to reach the bottom.

The yearlong warm climate attracts many tourists from the cold countries of the north, running away from their inclement weather. This weather conditions make possible the development during centuries of a spectacular marine life and many coral reefs for the pleasure and enjoyment of divers.

This is what you may expect on the Red Sea Diving adventure

Red Sea Diving Center

Eilat is in the center of the action, because it’s close to the city of Aqaba Jordan on the east and Taba Egypt and the rest of the Sinai Peninsula on the west. Both countries have normal diplomatic and business relations with Israel. Many divers make Eilat its Headquarters and move along the shores in coordination with the other countries authorities.

If you come here as a professional diver you may have to show a few certifications:

  • Diving certificate with picture, issued by a known diving organization as PADI, NAUI, ACUC and others.

  • Divers log book showing where you have been diving for the last 6 months. If you have been inactive for that period you may be asked to join a refreshment group prior to engaging in diving activities.

  • Divers insurance, which can be purchased at any Dive Center.

Anemone fish abound in the Red Sea

Red Sea Diving for Beginners

If you always wanted to Scuba dive, this is the opportunity to learn. In Eilat there are many diving centers that offer courses for inexperienced tourists. All of them are PADI certified and the instructors will take you by the hand while you learn the basic principles of diving. It is recommended to take several courses of continued education. Such beautiful sport cannot be learned in one day.

The courses for beginners are as short as one day and as long as a week or more. Instructors are very qualified to teach you all the insider’s secrets so you become a “great” diver. The best idea is to contact the front desk of your Eilat Hotel and ask for recommendations.

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat where you interact with the dolphins

Most popular dive sites

  • Japanese Gardens

    It is located near the marine observatory. They take you by boat to a drop off point with lots of fish and coral.

  • Satil wreck

    This is an old missile Israeli ship sunk on purpose in 1994 in order to create new corals and a new dive site. It is located 70 meters from shore.

  • The Caves

    This site offers a shallow site of about 5 meters. It is located about 500 meters from the Egyptian border. It features hundreds of fish that swim through the caves and will swim very close to you.

  • The Dolphin Reef

    It features packs of dolphins that made this place their natural habitat and most of them are familiar with the guides and are very friendly to the visitors.

Red Sea Diving is an experience to be remembered forever. The marine life, the cool waters and the eternal good weather will be with you all the time.

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