Neve Tzedek
Home of Suzanne Dellal Dance Center

Neve Tzedek, a trendy neighborhood located in Southern Tel Aviv Israel, was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walled city of Jaffa or Yafo.

When Tel Aviv Israel was officially founded in 1909, the neighborhood prospered as the new Tel Aviv grew around it. Today this trendy neighborhood is a fashionable and expensive district that maintains the look of a village with a sophisticated atmosphere. Translated from Hebrew to English it literally means “Oasis of Justice”

The Suzanne Dellal Dance Center

Brief History

In the year 1887, actually 22 years before the founding of Tel Aviv, a group of Jewish families, tired of the overpopulation of Jaffa and seeking a more peaceful living, started moving to where Neve Tzedek is today building small and colorful houses around narrow streets.

The narrow streets and remodeled old buildings

At the beginning of the 1900’s many writers and artist moved to this neighborhood. Just o mention a few, Shmuel Joseph Agnon, future Nobel Prize laureate and the Hebrew artist Nahum Gutman.

As the “Big” city started to grow and develop many residents moved to the trendier areas in the north called in Hebrew Tzfon Tel Aviv and the neighborhood started a decline of abandoned buildings to the point that it was decided to demolish the area and give way to big buildings.

The idea was rejected by many and by the fact that some of the buildings were placed under preservation lists. By the 1980’s new efforts began to renovate the area by using some of the old buildings for new establishments.

What really created the big change was the opening of the Suzanne Dellal Dance and Theater Center and the Nachum Gutman Museum in the home of artist.

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During the weekends the new Tahana Complex is visited by large crowds

The present

Now the neighborhood is back where it belongs. It is trendy and fashionable neighborhoods with galleries and artists’ studios.

Here you’ll find cafes and restaurants and even boutique hotels and shops catering to Israelis and tourists.

  • Light rail
    There are plans to for the proposed light rail of Tel Aviv to pass near the area making it easier for visitors to arrive.

  • Suzanne Dellal Center for dance and Theater
    Don’t miss this landmark surrounded by gardens and a splendid piazza.They host most important and unique performances during the year.

  • Tachana Complex
    What used to be Tel Aviv-Yafo’s railway station has been renovated and is now a pedestrian attraction with shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and family activities. There is even an organic market on site.

  • Walk, don’t drive
    I don’t recommend to get there by car because the lack of parking space. Take your car or a bus to the vicinity and walk a few minutes. From the corner of Allenby and Achad Haam is just a few minutes’ walk.

Varsano Luxury Suites in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Walking distance from Neve Tzedek is the David Intercontinental Hotel

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