Netanya Israel
On the Mediterranean

Netanya is a Lovely Vacation and Beach City

Netanya Israel is located north of Tel Aviv and it is the largest city and the capital of the Sharon coastal plain that extends from Tel Aviv Israel to Mt Carmel in Haifa.

Several features have made this city a center for leisure and Tourism. First of all the beautiful coastline and well kept beach, offering many services, the new beach elevator making it easy for all to “go down” to the beach, since the city is elevated from the coast.

And last but not least an important infrastructure of Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and places of entertainment that are frequented by locals and tourists alike. It is one of the prettiest Israel cities.

View of Netanya and its beach

Attractions in or near Netanya Israel

Hamei Gaash

Kibbutz Gaash is very close to Netanya. They invite you to experience a spa that will recharge your energies surrounded by vegetation, in a kibbutz atmosphere far from the stress of everyday life.  They offer:

  • Pools of mineral water drawn from the depths of the earth, at temperatures of 36°C and 40°C
  • A breathtakingly beautiful and pampering pool with 40 thermo-mineral water jets
  • Exceptionally large wet sauna and dry sauna
  • A water massage center with high pressure sulfur jets
  • A beautiful new spa center offering body and health treatments by experienced and professional therapists
  • Semi-Olympic swimming pool and toddler pool (in season)
  • Kosher meat restaurant
  • Dairy cafe
  • Rural guesthouse in a calm and tranquil setting
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Kikar Haatzmaut is the Main Square of Netanya Israel

7 Winds Tandem Paragliding Center

Discover the freedom of soaring through the air like a bird on the skies of Netanya Israel.  Netanya is considered the Mecca of Paragliding in Israel.

This company offers courses for beginners and experienced people in this sport. It is much recommended especially for tourists so they can enjoy the views of Netanya and its cliffs leading to the beach. You don’t need any prior experience and there is no limit on age.

Children as young as five and men as young as 85, can participate.The flights are carried with a large para-glider with space for two, your instructor and yourself.  While the instructor takes care of the flight you may enjoy the amazing views and take many photos.

Antique and Collectors Weekly Market

This is a new Flea Market with colorful, attractive and well arranged stores. On each store, you can find assorted antiques, souvenirs, collectables, assorted crafts, Judaica and a lot more.

This great flea market opens every Thursday from 3 PM to 9 PM during the summer months. It is located just off the main Herzl Street at the intersection of Hanotea Street and Shaar Hagai Street and it is sponsored by Netanya Municipality.

Hamei Gaash Spa and Hot Springs a short distance from Netanya Israel

Museums and Art

The Tribes of Israel Pear Museum dedicated to Yemenite Jewish Heritage.

The Well House that tells the story of the building of Netanya starting as a small Agricultural farm.

Shlomo Dror Art Institute offering painting classes for all ages

The Museum of Jewish Legions showing the history of Jewish Legions of World War II • Tel Mond Museum showing the history of Gush Tel Mond

The Tractor History Museum is showing a collection of tractors dating from the beginning of the 1900’s.

Netanya Israel is the number one place in the country for para-gliding


It all started with a group of residents of nearby Zichron Yaakov. They decided to start the new settlement near the Poleg Spring. In 1928 the great Jewish Philanthropist Nathan Strauss bought the land and provided some funds and a team started digging for water that was found a year later.

On February 18, 1929 the first settlers moved on to the land and future Netanya became a reality with a name honoring Nathan Strauss. Nothing in Israel of those times was easy and the settlement had to be abandoned for a few weeks due to riots and massacres. They eventually came back and kept building the new city.

During the following years it kept growing, opening a kindergarten, a few shops and eventually a formal plan for the city was established with the idea of Netanya becoming a tourist city.

This is what I call vision. The first hotel in the moshava was the Tel Aviv Hotel. The name Moshava or village is given in Israel to the towns that are not big enough to be called a city yet.

It continued to grow in all directions. New neighborhoods and new factories were established and the connections via roads and railroad were refined.

During the years of 1934 and on in the times of illegal immigration to Palestine many ships arrived to the coasts of Netanya and were helped by the local residents to fool the British and their prohibition.

The Beach has a convenient elevator to go down from the city

During the first years of Independence

Netanya played an important role at the beginning of the State of Israel and it was the first to be designated as a city in the newly established state, on December 3, 1948.

The city is a real melting pot. Netanya’s inhabitants come from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It is known to host a big deal of English speaking residents from America, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

In the recent 20 years it has seen a huge immigration from the former Soviet Union and France. It is also known to be the center of the Persian Jewish community in Israel.

Google Map of Netanya Israel

Netanya today

The early settlers would rejoice if they see what became of their settlement. Netanya is a beautiful city. It has grown enormously into many neighborhoods with tall skyscrapers and beautiful recreation areas.

The Hotel Industry is booming and the pedestrian malls as well as the air conditioned malls are flourishing. Public transportation is very good connecting Netanya to the rest of the country via Israel railway and the Public buses and sherutim (shared taxis).

You can get to anywhere from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south by public air conditioned buses and to some parts of the country by train. Come to Netanya and stay a few days. Enjoy the beach and the European ambiance while enjoying your coffee and cake watching the passersby. I like Netanya very much.

Image Credits:
netanya by yuvair
kikar haatzmaut by ori
netanya beach by ori
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hamei gaash by kibbutz gaash

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