A Resort City in Northern Israel

Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city of Israel, located in the Western Galilee, very close to Rosh Hanikra and border with Lebanon. It is a thriving city with its center of town always bustling, many cafes full with customers and gorgeous beaches.

It is and has been a major tourist city. I remember at the beginning of the State you heard the name of this city and thought about relax and vacations. Many Israelis like to spend there their vacations and weekends.

Aerial view of the picturesque city of Nahariya

Many great enterprises started in here

The city was founded by German Jewish immigrants in the 1930’s. Actually 1935 is when the first families settled in what was going to be an agricultural village.

They soon discovered that agriculture wasn’t a great idea for this area and started developing the new town to a tourist destination due to its natural settings and beaches.

They also turned to manufacturing. From this city come some of the most renowned Israel’s entrepreneurs. The Zoglowek family with its meat processing company and the Strauss Elite food conglomerate started here. Iscar High Precision Metal Works and tool making company was recently purchased by Berkshire Hathaway for US$ 6 Billion.

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Gaaton Boulevard runs together with river bearing the same name

Nahariya Attractions

  • Gaaton River
    The Gaaton River runs through the city actually surrounded by Boulevard HaGaaton, the city’s main thoroughfare.
    During the rainy winter months it is a pleasure to see the flowing river rushing with its waters toward the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Horse drawn carriages
    Along the way of Sderot HaGaaton are dozens of horse drawn carriages which have become a symbol of Nahariya.
    The drivers will take you on a tour anywhere in the city and the coast. What a way to spend a romantic evening.

  • Tourist train
    During summer evenings when the breeze comes up, there is a train running from the center of town to the beach. It is a replica of a locomotive with two wagons. This attraction is more suitable for youngsters.
  • Byzantine Church
    Remains have been found and can be seen Bielefeld Street

The beach and the Immigration Monument

Things to do

  • Beit Lieberman on Gdud Street houses the Nahariya Historical Museum. The house dates to the 1860’s.
  • On Ben Hagaon Street you will find the Zoological Garden and the playgrounds near the beach.

  • Olympic size sports arena was recently built by the city and hosts games and conferences.

Beit Lieberman houses the Historical Museum

Resort City

  • The beach and the Promenade

Due to its proximity to the sea, the city is a heaven for tourists and locals alike. A promenade runs along the long beach and it’s lined with restaurants and cafes.

An open bathing beach runs along the promenade, and nearby are lawns and playground equipment. A large sports and recreation compound was built at the southern end for those who enjoy roller skating, basketball and mini-soccer.

The municipal bathing beach is located north of the promenade in the country club complex which offers sports and recreation facilities.

The promenade extends southward till the edge of Akko, and is good for walks, and for bicycling. Scuba Diving fans will be interested in the popular spot with the remnants of the Kidon missile boat at the bottom of the sea.

Google Map of Nahariya near the Israel Lebanon Border

Nearby Attractions

Achziv Beach or in Hebrew Hof Achziv is a beautiful beach and part of a National Park and runs from the north in Rosh Hanikra.

Getting there is easy

Highway 4, one of Israel’s main arteries runs through the city south to north and crosses Sderot HaGaaton. Highway 89 connects the city with the Upper Galilee, Karmiel and Safed.

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gaaton blvd by avishai teicher
beach with monument by avishai teicher
beit lieberman n/a

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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