Machneyuda Restaurant Jerusalem

by Esther and Med
(Aventura, Florida USA)

Machneyuda Restaurant

We have traveled the world and seen many exotic places, but for the last two decades we all want to go back to Israel where we feel like at home. We have been coming twice a year for many years now.

Before our last trip we read in the Jerusalem Post about a great restaurant in Jerusalem inside the famous Machane Yehuda Market and not only is it superb, it is very difficult to get a reservation to dine there.

A few days after arrival we called and the only available reservation was for the next two months. As good semi-Israelis we used our “Proteksia” through a friend of a friend and finally got a reservation for the next day. It was the best lunch ever experienced in Israel and all inside a market where they sell fruits and vegetables. Isn’t that great?

If anybody wants to eat there we recommend calling ahead of time, at least two months before to make a reservation.

We love Israel!!!

The Webmaster adds:

Machneyuda restaurant is run by three chefs: Yossi Elad, Asaf Granit, and Uri Navon. They acquire their ingredients in the same market and cook them in their fully integrated kitchen, in front of the diners.

Various sea food and fish served in Machneyuda and all are from local suppliers, as well as the meat of beef or lamb that comes from local Israeli farmers They are so creative that the menu is changed daily according to what the market has to offer.

The atmosphere is mesmerizing from the moment you arrive. The vegetables are displayed on open crates as they came from the market.

In the second floor they have an open storage room where all spices and other ingredients are kept decorating the shelves. The wine menu is as varied as you may expect to match their amazing food.

Address: Beit Yaakov 10 Machane Yehuda Market Jerusalem
Phone: (02) 533-3442
Or from abroad: 972-2-533-3442

Opening Hours:
Sun. - Thur. 12:30 - 16:00
Sun. - Thur. 18:30 - till the last customer
Friday 11:30 - 14:30
Saturdays - an hour after Sabbath - till the last customer

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