Israel Vacations
A Lifetime Experience

Nothing is better for the soul than Israel Vacations. Is not only arriving to the Holy Land, it’s the preparation and expectations for such an important trip.

I invite you to use for free my more than forty years experience in the Travel Industry and the knowledge of Israel for more than fifty.

Before retiring I brought to Israel, thousands of happy vistors, Jews and Christians alike and made sure they have the vacation of their lives.

The Beach at Palmachim south of Tel Aviv

This Land is the cradle of Judeo-Christian Values

If you are Christian you probably know about the Holy Land since your childhood, and know beforehand the Holy Places you are going to visit.

You probably will arrive with the group of your Pastor, your church or any other religious organization. Probably you just invited a few couples and are coming to Israel on a private tour with you private mini-van.

Here at Ben Gurion Airport will be your guide and driver waiting with roses in hand for the ladies in the group, and with the best in mind to show you his and land.

Your next few days are going to be “Life changing” and full of surprises. Believe me when I say that once you visited the Holy Land and the Glory of Jerusalem, you won’t be the same again.

The spirituality you find in Israel will accompany you for years to come.

The Hula Valley is great for a Birdwatching experience

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall Jerusalem

An unforgettable experience

If you are Jewish, you will arrive to your Israel Vacations in many ways. Maybe you come to visit relatives that are her for decades, meet them for the first time even though they are your very close cousins.

You may arrive to Israel with the group of your Rabbi, Synagogue of one of hundreds Jewish Organizations in the Diaspora.

One very popular trip to Israel is to celebrate your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel. What a great opportunity to celebrate such joyous occasion than bring the whole family to Israel for such great “Simcha”.

The modern Supreme Court building in Jerusalem Israel

All you need to know for your Israel Vacations

In our website you are going to find the help needed for this special trip. Here we talk about the most trivial things that will make your trip preparation easier.

Israel Travel Tips – Tip on packing, documents, passports, visas, shots and more

  • Flights to Israel – We talk about the many flights to Israel from all over the world

  • El Al Airlines – Our pride and honor, the national airline. The most secure way to travel to Israel

  • Car Rental Israel – All American companies plus tens of Israeli and European ones are here to get you going.

  • Israel Cell Phone Rental – You can have you cell phone in hand the moment you land in Israel

  • Ben Gurion Airport – The state of the art new Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 is way ahead of many world airports

Tips for your Israel Vacations

  • Hotels in Israel – The country is well prepared for the number of tourists arriving. The hotels infrastructure is growing with the days.

  • Israel Birthright Program – The program that invites young Jewish kids to visit Israel and get acquainted with their roots and see the marvels achieved in 63 years of existence of Israel

  • Israel Beaches – The country has a large coastline in the Mediterranean and also access to the Red Sea via Eilat at the south. Let’s not forget our other two seas, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. We show you the best beaches around.

  • Tour National Parks – For such a small country Israel has many, many National Parks with lots of passive recreation for locals and tourists alike.

The Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Israel Vacations for the whole family

  • Israel National Trail – This trail goes from the Lebanon Border through the length of the country all the way to Eilat.

  • Things to do with Kids in Israel – In that page we give you many ideas of recreation and entertainment for the young ones. No matter where they are they want to have fun.

  • Mini Israel – This is an imperative visit for families with kids. It is a miniature park with almost of Israeli sites represented in small models.

  • Shopping in Israel – This one is good for the ladies and bad for your pocket. We talk about pedestrian malls, small of huge malls all over the country; and also about markets and places where locals shop.

Get well prepared because your Israel Vacations are almost a reality.

Hiking in the Negev Desert is one more idea for your Israel Vacations

Image Credits:
palmachim by akex khakhamov
hula valley by eliezer hurvitz
supreme court by ester inbar
eilat observatory by sendelbach
hiking by judith 89

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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