Israel Travel Tips

I am going to give you a few Israel Travel Tips to help you with your future trip to my country.

As you may see in my about us page, I came to Israel for the first time in February 1959 as a young teenager, eager to study and see the country. Since then my destiny has been linked to this land even though we lived many years in other countries.

The fact that I dedicated my life to the Travel Industry specializing in Travel to Israel, kept me close to the country, the people and the language throughout the years and thanks to “zillions” of trips back and forth to Israel on business and pleasure.

My best advice is "Travel Light" and avoid paying overweight


It depends if it’s me or my wife. I can travel with a carry-on bag, but she needs two suitcases. But it is your choice what you take on the plane, since the airlines are tougher as the time goes by and you’ll end up paying half your budget in overweight charges.

Travel light and depending the season take what is appropriate. Remember that summer is very hot in Israel and winter is cold but not as you may be used in North America or Europe.

Also remember that the power supply in Israel like in Europe is 220 volt AC 50 cycles. If you take with you electrical items, take this into consideration. I have noticed lately that many electrical appliances come with both power supplies built in.

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A Floor Plan of Ben Gurion Airport
Print it and make your trip easier

Israel Travel Tips

  • Shots
    You don’t need any special shots to travel to Israel if you are in good health.
  • Passports
    Every visitor arriving in Israel needs a valid passport for at least six months validity from the beginning of the trip. It is recommended to make to photocopies of the first two pages. Keep one at home and one with you on a separate area than your documents in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Visa
    Visitors of many countries are issued free visas upon arrival into Ben Gurion Airport. Depending of you citizenship, you should consult a travel professional or Israeli consulate to make sure you don’t need one or to apply for one if needed.

  • Itinerary
    Please leave a copy of your itinerary and Hotel List at home in case they need to contact you for some reason.

  • Money
    I recommend using traveler’s checks and credit cards instead of cash. But on the other hand you should always have a few dollars changed into New Israeli Shekel to go around and buy small items.

    Credit cards are widely accepted in Israel, and by the way, the exchange rate is sometimes better that those offered by hotels and banks.

    Bringing with you an ATM card from home will open the possibility of getting some more cash if needed. For that there are many ATM machines all over the place

  • Diary
    Bring a small diary or just notebook to write down the places you visited and the emotions you experienced in Israel. Remember this is not just another trip. It is a visit to the Holy Land.

Israeli Buffet Breakfast at the Dan Hotel
All Hotels offer this big meal

Israel Travel Tips

  • Camera
    Somebody once said that an image is worth a thousand words. Bring your camera and take a lots of shots. With today’s technology you won’t lose film and developing charges. You take thousands of shots and delete the ones you don’t like. What could be easier?
  • Contacts
    Bring with you important telephone numbers of friends and family at home, just in case.
  • Health
    Bring with you the most common remedies for small maladies like diarrhea and common cold. Health care in Israel is excellent. But if you take care you

Israel Highways can be compared with any of the
Developed Countries

Israel Travel Tips

  • Food and water
    Water is safe to drink all over the country. Food is also not a problem. Just do it with moderation, since you are in a foreign country and not used to certain foods.

  • Local Laws
    Remember you are in Israel and Israeli laws apply to all. What may be legal in Europe or Australia may be illegal here. Familiarize yourself with the rules.
  • Security in Israel
    Despite what you see in the news overseas, Israel is a secure country, because the citizens are aware and concern about security that in any other country. Behave like the Israelis. Don’t leave any package or luggage unattended. You may not find it where you left it. Not because it was stolen, but because somebody thought it was a suspicious item.
  • Your country’s embassy
    If you get in trouble contact the Embassy of you country immediately.

These are some of my Israel Travel Tips. Now, forget your worries or leave them at home and enjoy your trip to Israel.

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