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The concept of Israel Tourism is thousands of years old. Abraham was the first that came here from his hometown in Ur guided by God.

Many years later, two emissaries sent by Moses visited the Land in order to bring the impressions back to the other side of the river before they entered it.

Today the Holy Land receives close to 5 million visitors a year coming from every corner of the Globe.

View of the Sea of Galilee from the shores of the city of Tiberias

The Holy Land

For centuries people have traveled to Israel for many reasons. Pilgrimage is the number one of them. Jews have yearned to come back to their homeland for more than two thousand years.

Now after the creation of the State of Israel, many have been visiting for all kind of reasons, being again, Pilgrimage to the Holy Land one of the most important.

The media have been attacking Israel since its creation and many worldwide, think of Israel with images of battles, suicide bombers and constant war.

I can assure you that Israel is a little piece of Paradise where the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam find their roots and their holy places.

But Israel is also a heaven for ecotourism, beach lover, hikers, mount climbers and all type of Adventure Tourism. In other words the traveler to Israel will find all they are looking for in a visit to the country.

The modern Ben Gurion Airport the gateway for Israel Tourism

Ben Gurion Airport

This is the main gate for Israel Tourism. A small airport called Lydda from the time of the Ottomans and the British became a state of the art airport that compares with the most beautiful and efficient in the world. Millions of Israelis and tourists pass through its gates on a yearly basis

Holy Land Tours

The pilgrims arriving to Israel are all from different denominations. The Catholics, the Evangelicals, the Adventists, the Pentecostals and many others will be guided by Israeli Tourist Guides according to their desires.

Jewish Tours to Israel

The Jews worldwide consider Israel their eternal Homeland and come to Israel with any excuse. They celebrate their child Bat or Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel in Jerusalem or they visit relatives or plainly come to stay and enjoy the country and its development.

Old Jerusalem

The walled city that dates from the days of King David is visited by every single tourist to the country. Here we talk in detail about its four quarters: Armenian, Christian, Moslem and Jewish.

Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

The city that a few centuries ago was built outside the walls is today a bustling metropolitan area and the busy capital of the country, covering 440 Square Km and a population of over 750,000. The city attracts tourist from all corners of the world. Many are interested in the Holy Christian, Muslim or Jewish sites and many come here as regular tourists to discover a city, old and new, of which they have been hearing all their lives.

The Holy City of Jerusalem Israel contributor to Israel Tourism

Tel Aviv

The city that never sleeps is where you find the beaches, the entertainment, dining and the attractions for tourists and locals alike. This city has been named a UNESCO Heritage site mainly due to the Bauhaus Architecture that developed many decades ago.


The beautiful city that Sophia Loren once called “Bellissima” on top of Mount Carmel is host to the Bahai Gardens, a real marvel of the world. Haifa is the second port in importance after the city port of Ashdod

Sea of Galilee

Sacred to Jews and Christians is not only a great lake resort to enjoy year round but is also the cradle of Christianity. Jesus preached most of his sermons in places like Capernaum and Tabgha on the shores of the lake.

The southern city of Eilat has become an important Beach Riviera


With its views of four countries at the same time: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, the cool and deep waters of the Red Sea and a year round warm climate attract many tourists direct to its shores from all over the world.

Israel Tourism has been my passion and profession for more than 40 years and I’d love to share with you what I know and what I have experienced during those years.

I write from my knowledge and research, but above all I write from the heart about a country I love. This is a country that has given me “sabras” or Israeli born children for three generations.

Image Credits:
ben gurion airport by berthold werner
jerusalem by wayne mclean
sea of galilee by bantosh
eilat by sendelbach

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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