Israel Technology Advances

The Israel Technology Advances are many. This is a country just 65 years old, surrounded by enemies who swear to destroy it again and again during all those years.

Despite this Israel is a real democracy where anyone can say what he wants and full liberty of the press. Today Israel is a Think-Tank for many big companies from around the world, like Microsoft, Intel, Google and hundreds more.

Let me show a few of the latest developments in the field of technology that Israel is developing for the benefit of the World.

Bar Ilan University in the heart of Metropolitan Tel Aviv

  • The Technion our Institute of Technology, located in Haifa and dedicated to medical research, has developed a simple blood test can detect various diseases, including cancers.
  • The Medical Center of Ichilov in Tel Aviv isolated a protein that will end with the colonoscopy to detect colon cancer with only a simple blood test. Colon cancer kills about 500,000 people annually. Many of these deaths can be avoided if you act on time.
  • Acne does not kill anyone, but it generates great anxiety and dissatisfaction in millions of teenagers. The Cure Light laboratory created a cure mode by issuing high-intensity ultraviolet that eliminates the acne causing bacteria without causing additional complications.

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Modern Ichilov Medical Center in the Center of the City of Tel Aviv

Swallow able tiny cameras

Given Imaging Laboratory has developed a tiny camera in the form of pills that are swallowed and takes thousands of photos of the digestive tract.

These photos, high quality (two per second for eight hours), can   detect   polyps, cancer and bleeding sources. They are sent to a chip that stores it and then dumped into a computer for the doctor to examine.
The patient expels the camera through the rectum.

Electrical Neuro Stimulator

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed an electrical neuro-stimulator powered by batteries that is implanted on the breast of patients suffering from Parkinson's to function much like a pacemaker.

Emissions from this unit block nerve signals that cause tremors.
The mere smell of the breath of a patient can be used to detect if you have lung cancer.

Special Sensors

The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute created sensors capable of perceiving and recording 42 biomarkers that indicate the presence of lung cancer without the need for biopsy.

Technion Institute of Technology in Mount Carmel Haifa

Israel Technology

  • Many cases of catheterizations seeking to identify the state of the coronary arteries will deem unnecessary in the future. Endo PAT is a device that is placed on the tips of the forefingers and can measure the state of these arteries and even predict the chances of occurrence of a stroke in the next seven years.
  • At Bar Ilan University they are studying a new drug to combat blood-borne viruses. They call it Trap Vecoy, which tricks the virus to achieve its self-destruction. It will be very useful to combat deadly Hepatitis the dreaded Ebola and AIDS.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Mount Scopus

  • It is possible that Israeli scientists have healed in Hadassah Medical Center the first case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The treatment was developed based on stem cells and cured at an Orthodox Rabbi. They have reason to believe that success can be replicated.

On this page I chose to show Ten Israel Technology Advances. In future pages we’ll talk about Agriculture, Communications or Energy.

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