Israel National Parks
Preserving the Holy Land

Israel National Parks are all over the country. Since the Independence in 1948 Israel has been dedicated to preserve this land which was given to the Jewish People thousands of years ago.

What better way to preserve the Promised Land than to take care of its rivers, reserves, lakes and wildlife. The average Israeli likes to spend time visiting the parks with his children and instill in them the love for this country.

I divided them by area. Remember Israel is a long north to south country and therefore weather and terrain conditions vary a lot.  Israel National Parks and Nature Reserves in a virtual sightseeing of the most important nature sites in Israel.

One of the most beautiful parks in Israel is Gan Hashlosha the Sahne

Israel National Parks in the North

  • Akhziv Beach National Park, a beautiful beach on the Mediterranean coast
  • Amud Stream Nature Reserve on the Mount Meron Nature reserve
  • Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve, a vertical cliff overlooking the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee and Mount Hermon
  • Banias (Hermon Stream) Nature Reserve. Visit our page on Banias.
  • Baram National Park, an ancient Synagogue in a beautiful Galilee landscape.
  • Bet Alfa Synagogue National Park. Her you’ll see the Zodiac Mosaic and the offering of Isaac.
  • Beth Shean National Park. One of the Decapolis of the Roman Empire was discovered here in the 1980’s.
  • Beit She'arim National Park. A world famous Jewish Cemetery from Mishnaic times.
  • Belvoir Castle (Kokhav HaYarden) National Park. A Crusader fortress overlooking the mountains of Gilead and the Jordan Valley.
  • Bethsaida, Betekha, Majrase and Zaki Nature reserves. With an area of 7,000 dunams (1.50 acres) it is Israel’s largest reserve of fresh water landscapes.
  • Capernaum National Park. Visit our page on Capernaum.
  • Carmel Hai Bar Nature Reserve. Returning to the Carmel are the vulture, the Persian fallow, the deer and the row.

Nimrod Fortress National Park

Tour National Parks on the north

  • Ein Afek Nature Reserve. Conservation of flora and fauna in a wetland waterscape.
  • Gamla Nature Reserve. Waterfalls, griffon vulture nests and one of the most ancient Synagogues in Israel.
  • Gan Hashlosha National Park (Sahne). Springs, warm water and natural pools.
  • Hamat Tiberias National Park. An opulent Synagogue and ancient medical baths.
  • Hula Valley Nature Reserve. Wetland home to tens of thousands of birds.
  • Hurshat Tal National Park. It has an overnight campground to enjoy nature to a maximum.

The Crusaders' Belvoir Castle overlooking the Jordan Valley

Israel National Parks in the North

  • Korazim National Park, a Jewish town in a basalt landscape overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
  • Kursi National Park. Remains of a large monastery commemorating the Miracle of the Swine that Jesus performed at the site.
  • Maayan Harod National Park. This is the blue eye of Emek Yizreel (Jezreel Valley)
  • Megiddo National Park. This is Ahab’s chariot city. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Mishmar HaCarmel Overnight Campground. This is a base for trips on Mount Carmel for days activities.
  • Mount Carmel National Park. Please visit our page on Mount Carmel.
  • Nahal Ayoun Nature Reserve. Born in Lebanon it cresses near Metula, the northernmost town in Israel.
  • Nahal Mearot Nature Reserve. These caves on Mount Carmel have shown evidence of prehistoric inhabitants.
  • Nimrod Fortress National Park, An amazing view towards the Galilee. It is also a vulture nesting site.

View from Wadi Sfunim part of Mount Carmel National Park

Israel National Parks in the North

  • Senir (Hatsbani) Stream Nature Reserve, is the longest tributary of the Jordan River. Its full of water banks, streams, falls and pools are awe inspiring.
  • Taninim Nature Reserve. A wonderful coastal waterscape.
  • Tel Dan Nature Reserve. Here streams flow everywhere into a wild river. The tall trees provide shade even in the hottests months of summer.
  • Tel Hazor National Park is the capital of Caananite Galilee. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Iyon (Tanur) Stream Nature Reserve, waterfalls and flour mills.
  • The Meshushim Pool. These are deep canyons walled with hexagonal basalt formations, flowing water and cascades.
  • Yehiam Fortress National Park, encompasses in one fortress the Crusaders the Ottomans and the early Pioneers.
  • Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, streams, natural pools and waterfalls.
  • Zippori National Park. From the Mishnaic era appears this city of mosaics.

Apollonia National Park on a cliff overlooking Crusaders' ruins

Israel National Parks in Central Israel

  • Alexander River National Park. A running stream with a charming beach.
  • Apollonia National Park. A cliff top national park surrounding a ruined Crusaders city.
  • Ashdod Nitzanim Sand Dune Park. The dunes that cover the space between Ashkelon and Ashdod. Give it a few years…
  • Ashkelon National Park. Overlooking the Mediterranean the old and the new merge in a beautiful collage.
  • Avshalom Nature Reserve caves. Also called Soreq caves have thousands of stalactites.
  • Bet Guvrin - Maresha National Park. Land of thousand caves, Great for a Digging Day”
  • Caesarea National Park. Visit our page on Caesarea Maritima.
  • Castel National Park. It is located on a hill known as Mount Maoz overlooking the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem highway within sight of the capital.
  • City of David (Jerusalem Walls) National Park. Here Kings and Prophets walked. Most of the Bible was written here.
  • En Hemed (Aqua Bella) National Park. This is an idyllic corner of springs and nature in the Jerusalem Mountains.
  • Neot Kedumim. the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  • Sharon National Park. The 1500 acres of the Sharon National Park comprise a relatively large and uninterrupted slice of natural landscape.
  • Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve. Here imagination runs wild.
  • Tel Afek National Park. A green space in the dan Regions
  • Hayarkon National Park. Like Central Park in New York this is the lung of the city of Tel Aviv.

Ashkelon National Park in the Mediterranean Coast

Israel National Parks in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea

  • Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. . Please visit our page on Ein Gedi.
  • Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve. In the middle of the desert this is an oasis.
  • Masada National Park. Please visit our page on Masada.
  • Qumran National Park. Where the Dead Sea Scrolls where found by a humble shepherd.
  • Tel Arad National Park. The ancient city located near the thriving nerw city of Arad.
  • The Inn of the Good Samaritan. Nineteenth Century Turkish building called the "Inn of the Good Samaritan" by Christians.
  • The Yigael Yadin Masada Museum. A great experience for adults and children on the slopes of Masada.

Eshkol National Park in the Negev Desert

Israel National Parks in the Negev Desert, the Arabah and Eilat

  • David Ben Gurion's Grave National park in Sde Boker. The final resting place of Israel’s first Prime Minister and his wife Paula.
  • Avdat National Park. Itl encompasses the remains of one of the famed ancient Nabataean cities along the Incense Route. UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Beerot – Makhtesh Ramon Overnight Campground. They feature space for up to 500 people in Bedouins style tents.
  • Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Near Eilat it is great for Red Sea Scuba Diving.
  • En Avdat National Park. Here you may see the water flowing through a narrow canyon.
  • Eshkol National Park. Located near Ofakim it offers fresh water on a recreational park and oasis.
  • Incense Route - Desert Cities in the Negev. UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Mamshit National Park. This is a Nabataean city near Dimona. UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Ramon Park Complex. Please visit our page on Ramon Crater.
  • Shivta National Park. Another Nabataean city near the Egyptian border.
  • Yotvata Hai Bar Nature Reserve. It is located in the southern Arava Valley north of Eilat was established to foster the breeding of animals mentioned in the Bible and other endangered desert animals.

Tour National Parks in Israel, like no other place on Earth.

Image Credits:
arbel, apollonia, ashkelon by bukvoed
gan hashlosha by gugganij
nimrod by david king
carmel by hanay
belvoir by asaf
eshkol by yehudit garinkol

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