Holy Land Tours
Millions of Pilgrims visit the Holy Land Yearly

Holy Land Tours have existed for ever. For ages Christian and Jews have been coming to Israel on Religious Pilgrimages.

Today with the upcoming of the jet era, it has become common practice for many Churches or Synagogues to promote a visit to Israel, the Holy Land or in Hebrew “Eretz Hakodesh” to renew the links with this ancestral land.

Israel welcomes pilgrims from all faiths and denominations and the Ministry of Tourism makes sure that each one will be a Good Will Ambassador upon returning home.

Greek Orthodox Church in Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee

Cradle of Christianity

Christianity was born here more than two thousand years ago. Jesus history begins in this Land where he left a mark on every corner of the Galilee, Jerusalem and more. For this reason many Christians come to this land to follow Jesus Walks again and again.

In my years in the travel industry I brought to Israel on a Holy Land Tour thousands and thousands of pilgrims from churches of all Christian Denominations from countries of the American continent.

The Israeli Tour guides are licensed to work as tour guides after an exhaustive period of studies. I assure you that many Jewish guides know about Christianity much more than many priests.

This is their job and they do it with love and identify with their pilgrims to a point of becoming close friends.

I personally know pastors or priests that visit Israel, the Holy Land, once every year for many decades. For us this is a source of pride.

The Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Tower of David

Ancestral Land of the Jews

For Jews this is the country that God offered to Abraham before leaving Ur and came here to establish what today is the Jewish People.

Time and time again this land has been promised to the Jews. After many exiles in Egypt, Babylonia, and the rest of the world they have established a modern Israel that in just a few decades has become an example to many countries.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tours

On the other hand Jewish communities around the globe arrange all kind of trips to Israel to help create a better link between Jews from the Diaspora and those in Israel.

It is common practice for whole families to come to Israel on a Bar Mitzvah Tour to celebrate their child Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

They usually gather at the Kotel in Jerusalem. The sight of one of those Bar Mitzvahs is by itself an experience.

Jerusalem Churches

The city which is holy to all has a collection of Christian Churches. You may find many churches in other countries, but the spirit felt in Jerusalem is unique.

Holy Land Tours

I show you the many different itineraries to fit the tastes and religious beliefs of the tourist arriving to the Holy Land.

We will virtually visit the Galilee as a whole and the Sea of Galilee in particular; Jerusalem and its surrounding; Caesarea Maritima and the coastal plain of the Mediterranean; The Negev Desert, the Dead Sea and much more.

Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall Jerusalem

Places of Interest

We all visit the same Holy Land but the places of interests are different for Jews and Christians.

Even among Christians the places vary a little. Catholics want to visit certain places that Protestants don’t and vice versa.

In this site I write about my country Israel and its Capital Jerusalem from all aspects and will try to cover all the sites of interest to all.

Renewal of faith in Yardenit, the Baptism site on the Jordan River

I really feel I know about Holy Land Tours and it will be my pleasure to share with you what I know.

Once you are on the hands of your Licensed Israeli Tour Guide, I can assure you that your trip is going to be an unforgettable one.Please share with me your experiences of the Holy Land.
I’d love to hear from you.

Image Credits:
capernaum by sergey serous
jerusalem walls by jerzy strzelicki
bar mitzvah by david shankbone
via dolorosa n/a
yardenit by deror avi

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