On the Shores of the Mediterranean

Herzliya also spelled Hertzeliya is located in the center of the country just north of Tel Aviv.

The city was named after Theodore Herzl the founder of the Zionist Movement back on the last years of the nineteenth century.

The coastal Autostrada or road # 2 runs from Tel Aviv to Haifa, crosses the city and divides it into two halves: Hertzeliya Center and Hertzeliya Pituach.

The City features clean sandy beaches

Herzeliya Center

On the east is the city center and original city of Herzeliya. This is a mainly commercial residential area where people live and work and has nothing to do with tourism.

It is an authentic Israeli city and many tourists do visit just because of that. It is home to the enormous mall “Shivah Kochavim” or “Seven Stars” with cinemas and many stores and food areas for the delight of adults and children alike.

The main artery of Herzeliya is Sokolov Street full with falafel stands and stores selling anywhere you want to find. The streets are considered to be clean compared to other cities.

The city of Herzliya is one of the important ones in Israel

Herzeliya Pituach

On the west side of the road is Herzeliya, one of Israel’s most upscale neighborhoods and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a mixed area where you find the most beautiful residences and embassies, together with an industrial and hi-tech thriving area.

Here you find an array of restaurants compared in quality to Tel Aviv Israel or any big city of the world. You ask for a food style and you’ll find it in Herzeliya Pituach.

Herzliya Beach

And near the coast of the Mediterranean an area of luxury hotels surrounded by a great beach compared with the best of the world with lots of amenities and services. Herzliya beach is the perfect place to sunbathe, play matkot (Israeli paddle ball) and engage in water sports.

Next to the water is the important Arena Mall, with stores inside and outdoor cafes and restaurants outside near the water. On any given day it is full with visitors and locals. On a Shabbat since most of Israel is resting and businesses are closed, the Arena Mall is practically overcrowded.

Arena Mall Marina and Apartments Complex

Getting there

It is very easy. As I told you, road # 2 passes through the city and you just have to take the exit at HaSira (The Boat) and you are in Herzeliya.

Via the Ayalon Highway or # 20 you arrive from the south directly into Herzeliya and your only choice is going east to the city center or west to Herzeliya Pituach.

Signs in Israel are in Hebrew, English and Arabic. I consider them very good compared to the standards of the big and developed world countries.

If you like the train, the main line Tel Aviv Haifa of Israel or Israel Train stops in Herzeliya next to the Seven Stars Mall. You may also arrive in the city from neighbors like Raanana, Ramat Hasharon, Netanya Israel and the whole center of the country.

If you're in the financial bracket to afford a home in Herzliya Pituach, the thing to do is to sail up on your yacht into the Herzeliya Marina.

Brief History

Herzeliya was founded in 1924 as a semi cooperative farming community or moshava; with a mixed population of new immigrants and veteran residents.

After the establishment of the state in 1948, large numbers of immigrants settled there. In 1960, when the population reached 25,000, Herzliya was declared a city

Herzeliya Today

In a quality of life survey in 2008, Herzeliya ranked second highest among Israel's 15 largest cities.

Investment in education was higher than all other cities in the survey and more high school students were eligible for a Bagrut or High school.

The Towers of the Daniel Hotels on the Sea

Located on the fresh and dazzling Mediterranean seafront, the Hotel Daniel Herzeliya is Israel's most pleasurable setting for business or leisure visits. Recently and thoroughly refurbished, the hotel boasts world class design, state of the art business facilities, sumptuous kosher catering and magnificent service.

On the beach, on the pulse, just 10 kilometers from Tel Aviv on a major freeway, it is positioned in the Herzliya Pituach business district. This outstanding location allows guests to benefit from convenient proximity to Israel's busiest business districts, while enjoying fresh sea breezes.

Meeting business needs, the Daniel Hotel Herzeliya is fully equipped to offer everything the business traveler requires, including fast, wireless internet access, a business club and state of the art conference facilities.

For real relaxation, Shizen Spa an ambiance of opulent serenity touched by the East Pure professionalism, and warm, personal attention make internationally renowned Shizen an unforgettable spa experience.

Located at the Daniel Hotel, Shizen guests enjoy unrivalled relaxation and a wide selection of quality beauty and health treatments, which combine ancient wisdom and modern technology

Hotel Dan Accadia Overlooking the Mediterranean

Dan Accadia is Israel's jewel on the shores of the Mediterranean. It features first floor chalets and garden chalet rooms newly renovated. The hotel is perfect for leisure and corporate travelers.

It features top of the line recreational facilities such as tennis courts and various marine activities at attractive rates. Wireless internet access high speed WI FI in rooms and public areas and is located minutes away from Israel’s Silicon Valley, with direct access to Israel’s finest beach.

To summarize Herzeliya Israel is one of the best cities in Israel to live and to open your business. And last but not least to spend as many days as possible in one of the beautiful hotels.

The images are courtesy of the hotels features and Wikimedia Commons

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