Haifa Israel
Home of the Persian Gardens of Bahai

The views of Haifa Israel from atop of Mt Carmel in are awe inspiring. On a clear day, and there are many clear days in Israel, you may see the mountains of Lebanon on the north and the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon to the east.

I lived and worked in the city for more than five years. On the lunch break I used to walk without any direction admiring this incredible city.I cherish those years on my hear for ever.

Haifa where Arabs and Jews live in full Harmony

Spectacular view from Mount Carmel
The Bahai Persian Gardens on the foreground

The spirit of a great city

It has a very ancient history dating back to the 14th century BCE. There are archaeological findings of settlement dating to the Bronze Age. It has been under the rule of Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans and British. Since 1948 is an integral part of the State of Israel.

Haifa is the country’s third largest city after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In Hebrew the name is Heifa with an accent on the last a. It is located on a natural bay that goes from Haifa Israel on one side and the city of Acco, Akko or Acre, on the other. It is practically build on top of Mount Carmel, reaching the waters of the port.

Haifa is a secular city where Israeli Arabs and Jews live peacefully for centuries. Haifa is a city home to residents from the main three religions and is a real example of coexistence and tolerance.

The Arabs, among them Christians and Muslims live mainly in the neighborhoods Khalisa, Abas and Wadi Nisnas. The latter has become a tourist spot.

The Port of Haifa Israel

The main sections of Haifa Israel

  • Hair Hatachtit
    Meaning down town is the area near the port and it is very busy during the day and calmer during the evenings.

  • Hadar
    This is the middle part of the city that was built by pioneers looking for better living far from the port area. It was then like going to the suburbs. Now Hadar is the busy section of the city and the real downtown with offices, shops, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment.

  • Carmel
    This was once an area for the “Rich People” only with its spectacular views to the city, the bay and the Galilee, is now a city in itself. It has grown so much that it occupies most of Mount Carmel to the side of Haifa Bay and to the other side to the south and the Mediterranean coast leading to Tel Aviv.
  • There are many other neighborhoods. Here is a list in alphabetical order.

• Bat Galim
• French Carmel
• German Colony
• Kababir
• Kiryat Eliezer
• Kiryat Haim‎
• Kiryat Shmuel
• Matam, Haifa

• Neve Sha'anan
• Ramat Begin
• Ramat Golda
• Ramat HaTishbi
• Romema
• Vardia
• Wadi Nisnas
• Wadi Salib

The Technion Institute of Technology pride of the country

Universities and Museums

  • Haifa University – It was built by Architect Oscar Niemeyer, the one who build Brazil’s capital Brasilia and the building of the United nations in New York. Since then it has added many new buildings, museums faculties and is today one of the very important universities in the region.

  • The Technion – This is the center of technological studies in Israel and its first institution for higher education.

  • Haifa Museum of Art hosts rotating exhibitions of fine art.

  • Hecht Museum – Located in the University of Haifa is features many archaeological foundings and has an area dedicated to fine art including paintings and sculptures.

  • National Maritime Museum – I was originally built in 1953 and re-inaugurated in its actual site in 1972.It hosts the private collection of Arieh Ben Levi Z”L/ It consists of findings about the Mediterranean Sea fare.

  • National Museum of Science and Technology – Here they teach many technology concepts including electricity, optics, mechanics, aeronautics and others.

  • Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum – It is all about the “illegal” immigration to Palestine despite the British efforts to impede it. There is a sample of the tank called “Af Al Pi” meaning in English: ”Despite”.

  • Israel Oil and Industry Museum – It is built inside a real time factory. It is located on the premises of Shemen Factory (Shemen means oil in Hebrew).

  • T ikotin Museum of Japanese Art – Founded by Japanese Art collector Felix Tikotin.

  • Haifa Educational Zoo and Botanic Garden – It features a school dedicated to the teachings of fields in environmental and natural studies. It is located near the Lotem River and borders Gan Haem of the Mother’s Park.

  • Annual Haifa Film Festival – Featuring great films from all over the world, attracting visitors from all over.

Haifa University and a view of the neighborhoods of Dania and Ahuza

Important Tourist Attractions in Haifa Israel

  • Bahai Gardens – This is the world center for the Bahai Faith and also their holiest site. The manicured gardens are a symbol of beauty and elegance leading from the top all the way to the lower city. If you haven’t been to this special site, I recommend you run, not walk to see it.

  • Cave of Elijah – A prophet for Judaism and Islam, Elijah, according to tradition lived in a cave on Mount Carmel.

  • Stella Maris – Located atop Mount Carmel is the home of the Carmelite Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • The German Colony – What was once a farmer’s community is today a wide boulevard called Ben Gurion with many coffee shops and restaurants.

  • Carmel Nature Reserve and its Hai Bar Wild Life Preserve . Extinct and endangered wild animals are kept and bred here for reintroduction to their natural habitat.

  • The Carmelit – This is Israel’s only subway going up and down from The lower city to the top of Mount Carmel. Because the mountain steep it is built in the form of stairs platforms in order to adapt to the form of the terrain.

View of the western coast of Haifa Israel and Rambam Hospital

In the beginning of the 1960’s I lived near Haifa in Kiryat Yam on the Haifa Bay and worked at the El Al Israel Airlines offices in the lower city.That was my beginnings in the Travel Industry. I remember those years with much fondness. During lunch hours we used to walk and walk around the city and its parks.

During that time the one and only Sophia Loren came to visit Israel and when she was taken to the top of Mount Carmel and saw the view of the city, the bay and the whole Galilee all the way to Lebanon, she expressed her famous “Bellissimo”. I couldn’t agree more with her, Haifa Israel is simply beautiful.

Image Credits:
haifa by michael paul golmer
university by oorling
rambam by zvi roger
port n/a
technion n/a
science museum by benny shelich

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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