Garden Tomb
Outside Jerusalem Walls

The Garden Tomb is located in the Old City outside Jerusalem walls and near the Damascus Gate. The tomb was discovered in 1867 and since then believed to be the site of burial and resurrection of Jesus. It is located near a rock also called Skull Hill and believed by Christians to be the Golgotha.

The beautiful and manicured Garden

The Best Tour Site in Israel

It was lately called that adjective by the Israeli Tour Guide’s Association. It is really a beautiful and peaceful place where to seat relax and worship.

It matches most of the accounts of the Gospels as to several things that were there the night Jesus died on the cross. Nobody claims it to be the exact place and to some Christians is not where he died but the Why he died.

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A Group of Pilgrims worship on the Tomb

Also known as Gordon’s Calvary

When visiting Jerusalem in 1883, General Charles Gordon identified the rock and calculated that this is the Place of the Skull also known as Golgotha. That is why it is called today Gordon’s Calvary.

The Garden Tomb Association never claimed that this is actually the place of Jesus’ burial, but many tour guides and experts in the matter claim that the place is the “place” and many other details like the Cistern on top and besides that the proof of many Christian worshiping the place for centuries.

The Rock of the Golgotha outside the Jerusalem Walls

Authenticity of the places

Every visitor should read a brief history of the Garden before actually visiting the place and understand why many have declared this site to be the actual site of the Tomb.

One of the important points is its location. The books mention that the burial was outside the city walls, the garden is as opposed to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which inside the city walls. The New Testament also makes claims

Entrance sign of Gan Hakever in Hebrew

Visiting details

The garden is well organized with places to sit, restrooms, and drinking water. There is also a gift shop with souvenirs catering to the tourists.

From Damascus Gated of Old Jerusalem, cross the main street and walk up Nablus Road and get to Conrad Schick Streets, where the Garden Tom is located.
Open for tours and worship services

Address: Conrad Schick St., Jerusalem

Telephone 02-539-8100

The Garden is open for tours and worship services every Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:30.

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