Dead Sea Swimming
Or is it Dead Sea Floating

They call it Dead Sea Swimming, but I better call it Dead Sea Floating. The concentration of minerals in the water is so high that humans float even if they don’t want to. During my many years as a Tour Operator, I always included one or two days of any Holy Land itinerary to the Dead Sea.   My clients used to ask for it.

That's me floating on the Dead Sea

The Lowest Point on Earth

The Dead Sea Israel is the lowest point on the Planet Earth with more than 400 meters below Sea Level. To get there you have to drive past the Judean Mountains and go down from heights of 800 meter above to 400 below. The Dead Sea is the final stop of the Jordan River where it ends with a very small flow due to the usage of waters during his rout from Banias in the north to the Dead Sea in the south.

Since the waters have no exit they remain in the sea and evaporate because of the high temperatures that range between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius year round. This constant evaporation creates the large amount of Dead Sea minerals and the high density of the waters.

On our last visit to the Dead Sea

How to go Dead Sea Swimming

If you are on your own arriving with your vehicle or by public transportation, you just get to the beach of your choice and swim at your own risk.

But this is not the way most people do it. They either stay in one of the Dead Sea Hotels that provide all the facilities for a safe swim or if they don’t want to stay at a hotel ore one of the Kibbutzim like Ein Gedi, they’d go to one of the organized beach and for a small fee will enjoy of the facilities and some fresh water.

Now that I say fresh water, I want to emphasize how important clear water is when you go swimming on the Dead Sea. The water is so salty and oily that after a while you really need to shower with some fresh water to clean yourself. An needless to say that if you have any small “Booboo” anywhere in your body, it will burn like fire.

But, that said; let me tell you that Dead Sea Swimming is an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. We have done that with children and grandchildren and it’s a great experience.

Great view of the Dead Sea from our hotel room

Things to know before you dip into the waters of the Dead Sea

  • It gets difficult at the beginning this feeling of floating. If you do it for the first time, it feels like you are fighting nature.
  • Wear water shoes, because the bottom is full of stones and pebbles and it is easier to walk if walking is possible at all one you get in.
  • Take a mud bath if you like it. The sensation is very strange but at the same time once it is over it feels very rejuvenating.
  • Don’t forget your camera for a good photo session with your loved ones. Back home you’ll cherish these moments.
  • Don’t put your face into the water and beware of your eyes. Believe me when I tell you that it burns.
  • Don’t use you latest boutique swimsuit acquisition. The minerals may discolor the garment. Wear an old swimsuit.
  • After swimming and after rinsing yourself, rinse also all your garments like swimsuits and shoes. Later may be difficult.
  • After the Dead Sea Swimming go back to the hotel and enjoy the clear water pool to the fullest extent.

All images are from our last trip to the Dead Sea

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