Arad Israel
In the Northern Negev Desert

Arad Israel is a modern city in the Northern Negev Desert midway from Beer Sheba on the west and the Dead Sea on the East. To the north it is bordered by the Judean Hills.

The city was inaugurated in 1962 as the first planned city in modern Israel and today is a perfect example of a melting pot of Jews from many countries, besides Black Hebrews and Bedouins.

The modern city of Arad on the way to the Dead Sea

Awesome Landscape

Arad is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills and desert ideal for hiking and picnics. The city itself is well organized and clean and the population is eager to welcome you with pride to their city. There a few excellent lodging facilities for the visitors.

As mentioned it was built just 50 years ago and they used all kind of international standards to build a modern city with all facilities built in from scratch.

Tel Arad the ruins of the ancient city

History of Arad Israel

Ancient Arad was built about 5,000 years ago in the times of the Canaanites and was an important kingdom dealing with important trade from the Jordan River and Mesopotamia on the east to the Mediterranean Sea on the west and Ancient Egypt on the south.

The ruin of this city is called Tel Arad near the actual modern city that was destroyed even before the arrival of the Israelites. The name Arad was then kept for generations by the local Bedouins.

During the British Mandate, around the year 1920, some pioneers tried to settle the area but had to give up for the lack of water.

It is then about 14 years after the Establishment of the Jewish State of Israel that the city was built.

Yatir Forest in Arad is the largest in Israel

Attractions in Arad

  • Tel Arad are the ruins of the ancient city and the Arad park ideal for those beautiful Israeli Days with lots of sun that invite for great excursions with the whole family.
  • Race Circuit is a first in Israel when this legal race circuit was built.
  • Arad Annual Summer Music Festival
  • Yatir Forest is Israel’s largest forest planted by KKL the Keren Kayemet Le Israel or Jewish National Fund. It has a pleasant climate year round offering 8,000 acres of wild forest with remains of ancient settlements and especially during spring time the blossoming of the flowers. The mountain air is the best in the country.
  • Glass Art Museum
  • Yatir Winery a boutique vineyard

That's me floating on the Dead Sea

Attractions near Arad

The city of Arad Israel invites you to visit and enjoy the environment.

images for arad
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