Israel Holy Land
A Journey to the Land of the Bible

Let us learn about Israel Holy Land, my country, my home. On this virtual tour we will visit its important cities, Holy sites for Jews and Christians, Museums, Nature, Cities, Parks and much more....

I came to this country for the first time in 1959, a few years after Independence. During these 65 years, since Independence, there have been many changes from a mainly agricultural country to a fully developed one and leader in High Technology.

But the main theme of this site is showing the reader the Holy Land’s sites that pilgrims have been yearning to see for centuries. Now with new technologies you can be in Israel in hours and start walking the Land of the Bible, site by site.

I am giving you here a personal tour coming from one that has been in the Travel Industry for more than forty years and knows this country from north to south and west to east.

Amazing View of Jerusalem the Eternal Capital of Israel

Israel Holy Land Tourism

Israel Tourism is as old as humanity. Abraham came to Israel guided by God to settle and be the first of the Jewish People.

For centuries people have traveled to Israel for many reasons. Pilgrimage is the number one of them. Jews have yearned to come back to their homeland for more than two thousand years.

Every visit is considered a journey of the heart or a pilgrimage. Israel Holy Land is sacred to all three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

All visitors have one thing in common, walking through the place where everything happened many thousands of years ago.

I have been privileged to bring thousands of tourists to Israel who wanted to learn all about Israel. They came on a Holy Land Christian Tour, a Bar Mitzvah celebration, for medical treatments at the Dead Sea or just for pure pleasure.

View of Modern Tel Aviv from Jaffa

Israel Holy Land
Important Israel Cities

The eternal Capital of Israel and all its sacred places are open to all visitors regardless of creed. Once you visit Yerushalayim, as Jerusalem Israel is called in Hebrew, your soul will be filled with overwhelming emotions through a real religious and spiritual experience.

We visit, on a virtual tour, the Old City the markets, the museums, the churches and synagogues and many more places of interest.

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Israel is the second largest city in Israel and the center of business, entertainment and fun.The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is surrounded by many independent cities creating a huge metropolitan area with a population of more than three million people.

Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, Haifa Israel a bustling port and the third largest city of Israel. Its population is a mix of many nationalities, mainly Jews and Arabs that have lived in total harmony for many decades.
The Bahai World Center and its magnificent Persian Gardens are one the main highlights of Haifa.

Eilat Israel, located on the southernmost tip of Israel on the shores of the Red Sea has become a real Israeli Riviera, attracting people from all over the world, mainly from northern Europe. They come here seeking sun and sea, available in Eilat year round.

The Sea of Galilee has a Love Affair with Israelis

Israel Holy Land

From the Christian point of view

Christian Holy Sites
Christianity was born here more than two thousand years ago. Jesus walked this land and left a mark on every corner of the Galilee, Jerusalem and more.

This is the reason many Christians come to this land to follow Jesus Steps again and again.

From Capernaum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at the end of Vida Dolorosa in Jerusalem, pilgrims take with them the most precious memories.

Israel Nature

Israel Natural Attractions
Despite being a small country, Israel has a lot to offer to “Nature Lovers”. It features the Negev Desert in the south, with the Ramon Crater, the Judaean Mountains, the verdant Galilee and our own Natural Wonder of the World the Dead Sea.

National Parks
Israel strives to preserve this land which was given to the Jewish People thousands of years ago.

What better way to preserve the Promised Land than to take care of its rivers, reserves, lakes and wildlife.

The average Israeli likes to spend time visiting the parks with his children and instill in them the love for this country.

The Church of All Nations in Mount of Olives Jerusalem

Israel Holy Land

Cultural Life in Israel

Israel is a country of culture, arts and science. We have many museums, covering just about every topic. But the number one is the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

It is the largest one in the State of Israel and one of the world’s most important art and archaeological museums. Tel Aviv, Haifa and the other cities have their share of museums and I describe them all on this site.

Israel has a very high number of high education students, one of the highest per capita in the Western World. There are universities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rehovot and Beer Sheba.

• Israel Culture
The areas of visual arts, music, sports, museums and all pertaining to culture are at the level of Europe, Japan or the United States.

Because Israel’s population is a mélange of many cultures, every sector has brought its part.

The city of Haifa with its Bahai Gardens and the port

Israel Holy Land

History of Israel from ancient to modern times

History of Israel
In order to talk about the History of Israel we have to divide it into periods. The history of our country and our people is all one. No matter where the Jews live their fate is always linked to Israel.

I hope you enjoy our site Israel Holy Land as we welcome you with open arms.

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